17 Feb 2011

The Nursery

Regular readers will know that we have had a few dramas getting the nursery ready for Baby B but we are now finally there. Mr B excelled himself one weekend once the plastering had been fixed (see before and after) and got it all painted - 3 coats on the ceiling, 2 on the walls and 1 on the gloss!

Since it's been painted I have allowed myself to start looking for decorating ideas. I love interiors and will share with you some of our home at some point but needless to say I am a subscriber of LivingEtc and love looking at all the interior/craft/design blogs. But nursery's - that was something new.

I decided to turn to twitter for recommendations of where to look. I was struggling as we don't know whether Baby B is a girl or boy and neither me or Mr B are fans of the bland and neutral. I wanted colour! Well you all did me proud with your recommendations which led to an afternoon of surfing and the following inspiration. Thank you especially to Kirsty (Imperfect Pages), Kelly (Place of my own), Kat (Housewife Confidential) and Baby Style File.


1 / Love the braveness of this black wall and the shots of colour (Found via pinterest, originally from ohdeedoh)
2 / Injecting colour with toys with a little bit of prettiness (LivingEtc)
3 / I am loving bright multicoloured blankets (LivingEtc)


I think one of my favourite discoveries in this journey has been Bambino Goodies and especially their room tours. Right up my street!
4 / Great coordination of the fabric (Jakob's Retro Room Tour @ Bambino Goodies)
5 / Really like the mix and match cushions and I am a sucker for letters (as above)
6 / I love the use of display shelves and you can never go wrong with a monkey! (as above)


7 / Light and bright nursery (Chic & Cheap Nursery)
8 / More statement shelves and remembering that a nursery can also be a little bit grown up (Project Nursery)
9 / A focus on using embriodery hoops as frames using different fabrics, perfect temporary decoration (as 7 above)
10 / Cute DIY mobile made using felt and another embriodery hoop (as 7 above)
11 / Great giraffe and retro shelves (Found via pinterest, originally Little Green Notebook)
12 / More decorative shelves and making books part of the design (Project Nursery)


13 / Cool alternative to a mobile and gorgeous quilt (Found via pinterest, originally Playing House)
14 / Alternative to embriodery hoop frames and the obliglatory bunting with name (Ohdeedoh)

I do hope you have enjoyed the inspiration and you may even find it useful for yourself and I have started a board on pinterest to catalogue all my nursery inspiration - because I keep finding more (!) which you can see here.

You will have to check back in the coming weeks - once I have made some of the decorative touches - to see how I have interpreted the above for Baby B. I just need to blow the dust of the sewing machine first!


  1. It looks like you've got some amazing inspiration, I love all of the colour!

    Can't wait to see it when it's finished! x

  2. Oh my goodness me! These are just utterly gorgeous - all of them. I absolutely love number 1 though - how unusual to put a black feature wall in a nursery but it really really works. Just need another baby now so I can use these as inspiration. Thanks for sharing these. Heather x

  3. Those are the hippest nurseries I've ever seen. No pastels allowed! I think I have to say I like the first one the most-super brave and I LOVE those signs on the wall. I can hear my friends now "You painted the nursery BLACK!?"

  4. Glad to be of service. Good luck with the decorating and design, be sure to send us photos!

    Kat x (Housewife Confidential & Bambino Goodies)

  5. full of colors! full of good ideas! I love it!

  6. Beautful blog, will sneak in again... :-) Looking forward to see YOUR nursery in some time...

    Many of the fabrics in your photos are by Graziela Preiser. You can find the fabrics and many other grorgeous products at her online shop: http://www.bygraziela.com/home-en.html

    Best Marlene

  7. Wow, what gorgeous inspirational photos. Almost make me want to have another baby (but not quite!) x

  8. Thanks all, oh maybe this post can be responsible for a baby boom :) hehe. I will take a look at the fabrics, maybe that can start my sewing machine session!

  9. Be careful when visiting the shop - spending money there is sooo easy ;-)


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