21 Jun 2011

The Gallery: 3 Word Gallery - Four months today

...or 16 weeks depending on how you are counting :)

It has been far too long since I took part in Tara's Gallery on a Wednesday and this week I just couldn't resist due to the theme of 3 word's inspired by Simon Mayo's Radio 2 show. I used to always listen to that on my drive home from work...that certainly seems a long time ago!

Which moves me nicely on to my three words, E is four months today (or 16 weeks but that didn't sound as catchy!). The time has in one way flown and in another way, well it seems like a lifetime ago that he wasn't around. I, we, him have learnt so much in these precious few months. Here is a taster.

We started off by getting to know each other (1 day)

We have been making lots of friends, sometimes successfully (1 week)

There was a lot of crying and screaming in the first couple of months (2 weeks)

But we have received a lot of love and support in the real and virtual worlds (ongoing!)

Luckily there has been some sleeping too (6 weeks)

Along the way there has been lots of cuddles...

And lots of playing...

He loves his milk (14 weeks)

Which has led to this (14 weeks)

One thing is for sure, I certainly love my boy (15 weeks)

Happy 16 weeks! x


  1. What a total little charmer! Not so much during the crying incessantly phase, I guess. Great photos and happy 4-month birthday.

  2. oh bless - lovely photo diary of his first weeks

  3. Oh god! So gorgeous! Might make me broody if I look for too long! Happy 4 month birthday, and happy "almost starting to feel normal again" anniversary to mummy! x

  4. What a little sweetheart. My baby boy will soon be 1year old. Not really a baby any more. Enjoy every moment xx

  5. What a gorgeous set of photo's for a gorgeous little boy's 4 month birthday!

    I particularly love the crying shot (definitely one for the wall in my opinion!)and the one of him in his 'slacks' and braces!

    Time is amazing with a baby isn't it. *wipes tears* xxxx

  6. so sweet, beautiful photographs - how time flies and loving those trousers!

  7. Wow just so, so cute!! xx

  8. Thanks everyone, it's gone so fast. Really can't remember him being tiny. He is a cutie, but I've always thought that, I'm biased :) Lx

  9. Awww he is adorable! Mine is 12 weeks ld today and I cannot believe how fast that time has gone x

  10. This is a truly gorgeous post Lucy - I filled up reading it and those photos are gorgeous. He's so adorable x


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