24 Jun 2011

It's nearly CyberMummy time...

Well in 12 hours time I am hoping to have settled in, spoken to a few people and maybe even spotted a few 'familiar' faces at CyberMummy.

If you follow me on Twitter you will probably be sick of all my tweets so far and I have to say it will only get worse tomorrow :) For those of you that have no idea what I am blabbering on about, CyberMummy is a conference in London for 'mummy' (and I think some Daddy) bloggers. I am not a massive fan of the name - but why knock something that works - and for me it is simply a great opportunity to meet, in real life, some of the wonderful people I have met online in the past year.

It is exactly one year ago today that we found out that we were expecting a baby and what followed was a scary few months. I don't think I could have got through it all without the Internet and I certainly couldn't have got through the first days, weeks and months once baby E arrived.

So as I get ready to go to bed on CyberMummy-eve I am feeling a little apprehensive and nervous but mainly excited to meet some of my new friends. I'll just need to stop myself from hugging them like some kind of lunatic ;).

Maybe I'll see you there...

PS. Apologies for the lack of photo I haven't worked out how to do that on the iPad yet! I'm practising ready for tomorrow :)

PPS. Here is my meet and greet x

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  1. Have a good time. Sounds like something I would love to go to if it was possible for me.


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