31 Aug 2010

The coming months...

Well I have been very quiet in recent months.

This has been through a mixture of not having anything to say, and then having too much to say and not trusting myself to keep quiet.

I may have finally reached a happy medium so I hope over the coming months to share my thoughts and feelings once more on numerous topics such as:

I am constantly inspired by features I see on the Internet and thoroughly enjoy my copy of LivingEtc every month. This combined with the fact that the lounge/dining room decoration is progressing I may soon be able to splash out on some accessories for the room :) Oh and then there is the fun job of decorating a nursery!!!!!

This has been far too lacking in recent months (..ahem years!). I always seem to have the desire but somehow not the motivation. I think I am always a little scared of disappointing myself with an inferior finished product. Anyway, as I continue to generally chill out and realise that nothing really matters that much - and be inspired by Christine's 52 crafts in 52 weeks I hereby declare that I will make something in the coming months

Now, I doubt I will be turning into Nigella and becoming a perfect mother and general homemaker, however I do hope to share some of my journey into this scary world. After already spending hours on the Internet looking at Mothercare, Mamas and Papas, John Lewis and wondering if I will suddenly feel the urge to make homemade pickle I feel there is a long way to go. For a start there are still 26 weeks until March 1st...

Well that should keep us going for now so I do hope you will join me in this journey. And if not, well I will continue to type away to myself.

Have a lovely evening,


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