17 Dec 2010

[ . . Wonderful Wednesday . . ]
oops a bit late!

So I missed this week's Wednesday post, but for good reason.

It was my Mum's birthday so we went to a local spa for a day of relaxation and pampering. It was lovely and just what me and bump needed.

The last week has been very busy (again!) but we succeeded in our trip to Ikea and the Christmas shopping is very nearly finished. Yesterday I actually managed to get my crafty groove back on and make (yes shock horror - make!) a Christmas present for my friend. I nipped out to try and buy something in the morning from a local gift shop but just kept thinking 'I could make that'. So, I did. Well I have tried anyway. I wonder whether she will actually like it or just be polite? I will post photos of it after Christmas just in case she has a sneaky peek here.

The one thing I haven't yet done is explored pinterest. I am really struggling as I normally go on the internet using my iPhone and rarely my computer so I just haven't had the opportunity. Maybe it can be a Christmas job :) Oh, I wonder if it works on iPad's? I might treat myself to one after Christmas.

In the meantime I might just stick to the books and go downstairs and finish the one I am reading with a nice cup of tea. It was with this in mind that I selected the image below from Suzie Q on Flickr. I found it by doing a random search (I think for 'relaxing Christmas') and bizarrely, and often seems to be the case with me, we seem to have a fair bit in common! Although the other side of the world she has not long reached the third trimester of pregnancy, and a quick look through her photos reveals a keen interest in photography, art and design.

I do love the Internet!

 Keeping Christmas Real Simple, originally uploaded by suzie•q.


  1. thank you for linking me to you site- it is wonderful! and i like the little blurb you added : ) suzanne

  2. Thanks Suzanne! Glad you like it :) I really liked your photography - I was looking through thinking, I wish I had taken that :) Lx


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