1 Dec 2010

[ . . Wonderful Wednesday . . ]
everything happens for a reason

Today is wonderful for a number of reasons.

First of all it is December the first and that for me means it really is nearly Christmas. I tend not to have many Christmas related activities until it is officially December, no decorations, no mince pies. So it can all now begin.

Second, today marks the first day of the next phase in my life. I am officially unemployed after taking voluntary redundancy in November. This was not a easy decision, after four years of giving your life to an employer walking away was not easy. But, it could not have come at a better time for me. So, after a couple of weeks out of the building, a number of mixed emotions and missing some really good friends, I finally feel I am becoming the new 'Lucy'.

Thirdly, I am now also in my third trimester of pregnancy (well depending on which definition you read!) which means it is the home stretch. There have been many times over the past six months that we never thought we would get here but it feels very good to be here, and having a very active little baby kicking me every now and again to remind me what is important.

Finally, I hope this post will be the first of many [ . . Wonderful Wednesday . . ] posts in the coming weeks as I share with you what is wonderful and also strive to remind myself.

So I leave you with the following, please stick around to read my musings. I can't promise to be interesting but I will certainly try.
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  1. Very exciting times Lucy!

    Was going to suggest lots of things to keep you busy but it sounds like you will have lots to do anyway. Looking forward to hearing more about what you get up to.

    All the best
    Michael - http://www.lifetothemaximum.com


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