31 Dec 2010

[ . . Wonderful Wednesday . . ]
Relaxing times

Oops late again, but hey it's Christmas and no one really knows what day it is anyway! Surely that's one of it's highlights.

We have had a great Christmas and holiday time. Spending time with family and friends, playing with presents, and most importantly relaxing.

The one thing I haven't done this 'between Christmas and New Year' period is plan for the year ahead. I usually really enjoy that time of year where you can put behind everything you want from the previous year and focus on the next. I love the excitement and optimism that a New Year brings.

I guess this year is different. I did a fair bit of planning back in November when I finished work, and let's be honest, I kind of know that a lot of 2011 will be taken up with welcoming Baby B into the world and working out everything that will come with!

So this year it's about focusing on the excitement and optimism that a New Baby brings...and maybe just a couple of things on 'my' 2011 list.

Happy New Year to you all!


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