18 Jan 2011

Making things

I love making things but very rarely give myself time to do it.

Lately, when trying to find presents for friends I have been disappointed with the options. I usually end up walking out of shops thinking 'I could make that'. The reason I haven't made presents in the past is because I am worried about the recipient not liking them. So as part of my 30 before 30 list I have vowed to be more confident (No. 27) and this extends to this scenario.

My friend often wears beaded necklaces so I got out my pliers and beads and got set to work. Below you can see the work in progress and the finished necklace. I did try to get a photo of the complete necklace but they looked a bit rubbish so you have an 'abstract' one.

Work in progress    Finished necklace 

It's her birthday this weekend so I will have to report if she likes it. Arghh, fingers crossed!

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