12 Jan 2011

[ . . Wonderful Wednesday . . ]
We saw Baby B!

This week I am feeling very grateful for the opportunity to see Baby B again and counting down the days until we can finally meet.

We have been scheduled to go for a growth scan ever since the beginning, I have a low BMI so the midwife has always been concerned about how the baby would grow. Also, at our 20 week scan we discovered that the placenta was low lying so they wanted to check it had 'moved'.

Well, we passed on both points with flying colours. Baby B is bang on average - 4lbs 5oz. It's amazing to think the baby is already that big with 7 weeks to go. And the placenta has moved so no pre-planned c-sections needed. The most important part of it all is that the consultant also said that he sees no reason that we shouldn't have a normal pregnancy from now on and are officially classed as low risk. Hoo- rah! Low risk! After all the ups and downs this seems like the most amazing news ever.

I was sneakily hoping to get another scan picture but we had a trainee sonographer who was too busy concentrating and now that baby is so big you couldn't actually work much out anyway. So, below is a picture from our 20 week scan showing baby's heart which we have had the privilege of seeing since week 7.

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