14 Feb 2011

[ . . Wonderful Week . . ] It really could be any day now...

I'm afraid I am a little late this week with my post as I was going to write something on Friday but that didn't quite go to plan! We had our regular midwife appointment in the morning and she sent us straight to the hospital telling us to prepare to have the baby!

This all came about because the baby's heartbeat seemed quite slow which can be a sign of distress. The midwife said that she just had a funny feeling and told us not to worry but she thought the baby might be happier out rather than in! We have had a few issues along the way in the pregnancy and I am quite small so the fear was that baby might have just had enough.

After waiting at the hospital for an hour or so I was put on a CTG machine so baby's heart rate could be monitored for half an hour. We did see it slow down to less than 100bpm, but also speed up to 170bpm in line with the baby's movements and the hospital midwifes said they were very happy and there was nothing to be concerned about.

Phew, what drama. The most surprising thing about all of it was that me and Mr were remarkably relaxed about the idea of having the baby there and then. In fact, we were a little disappointed when it was clear that wasn't going to be the case. But we have to remember that baby knows best when it wants to come out.

So I have entered this, my 39th, week of pregnancy excited and to be honest a little impatient to meet little one. So if I disappear for a while it may be because baby is on the way, or that I just haven't got round to posting :)

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  1. You're so lucky to be able to use a midwife; they aren't legal in my state, unless you use them in a home birth. I'm interested in perhaps using a doulah when the time comes, but we'll see.

    Congrats! I know you are excited to meet the little one!

  2. I'm glad everything's OK - but I can imagine you were a little bit let down that the wee one decided just to stay in there after all!

    Keep well :)

  3. loved your gallery entry - so nice to see sunny feet on a sunny beach in February. Best wishes for the birth of the baby - exciting times. If you do disappear - I look forward to you reappearing with great photos and great posts charting your new adventure.

  4. Thanks all. It just shows how things are different in different countries. In the UK we get a community midwife at the doctors/GP and then midwifes in hospital unless you need a doctor. I am seeing the midwife again tomorrow, maybe she will be able to tell me more about when to expect little one. I promised myself I wouldn't get impatient but I think I am failing :)


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