28 Feb 2011

[ . . Wonderful Week . . ] Just have a go

Pincushion by blondesbackyard available from Etsy

Let's get it out of the way straight away shall we - still no baby! I am going to pretend that I am absolutely fine about this. Obviously we would rather baby be here but alas, no, he/she has other ideas.

So in a mission to take my mind of this fact - and thinking that if I started something, baby might want to disrupt my plans - I got my sewing machine out. Encouraged by the nursery inspiration from a couple of weeks back I wanted to make some things for the baby's nursery.

My mum and dad bought me my new sewing machine for my birthday back in July last year but embarrassingly I hadn't used it until this week. This is through a mixture of my birthday being a strange time when we weren't really sure if Baby B was going to stick around - I was only a few weeks pregnant and had already had quite a few issues. The other reason being that the house has been a tip for most of the time since due to constant decorating so getting the sewing machine out seemed a bit too much like a treat.

Another reason, is that I tend to have these fads about things and then go off them. "If only I had a new sewing machine I'm sure I would do loads of sewing" - that kind of thing! And the final reason that I am going to own up to is that I was a little scared of it! My mum is a brilliant seamstress and always has been so I feel there is a lot to live up to. Not that anyone is testing me you understand, this is just the pressure I seem to like to put on myself for no apparent reason. I have been aware of this for sometime which is why it made it on to my 30 before 30 list at number 22.

I shouldn't have worried, it was quite successful. I even managed some stitches! A lot easier to use than I expected and I seemed to have remembered everything I knew from the last few times I had used a sewing machine - probably about 5 years ago.

I have finished one item, a laundry bag for the nursery. I thought this was a good one to start with, lots of straight lines and seams! It looks good and I keep going to have a look at it hanging on the back of the door to remind myself I can sew. Next on the list is an organiser to hang on the cot (inspired by this one) and some soft activity cubes (inspired by these). Finally I want to make some bunting but with baby's name on. Needless to say this one will have to wait. Baby can you hear me?

So, this week was wonderful because I actually decided to just get on with something to distract me from wishing each day away.


  1. How fab! I wish I could sew...is it hard? Do you need lessons? I have lots of creative ideas but I never carry them out :(

  2. I think my mum must of first taught me when I was younger and then I did textiles at school. Later I made things up myself at home when mum was out :) I think it's always worth having a go and if it goes wrong then so be it, as long as it is cheap fabric! I should really listen to my own advice hehe!

  3. Maybe I should take some lessons from my sisters MIL - she's wicked with the sewing machine. Or take a night class :) I'd love to do the stuff you do. Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Hope baby shows up soon for you. Heather x


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