21 Feb 2011

[ . . Wonderful Week . . ] Waiting...waiting...waiting...

I have really left this post until the last possible moment hoping that it could be an 'introducing you to Baby B' rather than a 'we a still waiting' but hey, baby knows best! :)

Another week, another appointment with the midwife who actually visited me at home which felt very odd. I'm not home bound, I am just pregnant! Anyway, I shouldn't complain. All was well after the previous week's dramas and baby behaved her/himself. Our normal midwife, who we have been very lucky to see most of the time, is actually on holiday next week and despite us only be 38/39 weeks she keeps telling us that she is expecting to come back to baby and not pregnant me. I do hope she is right.

This past week has also been the first that I haven't had too much work to do, apart from a sneaky VAT return. I still haven't been that great at relaxing. It's just not me. [Please remind me of that when I have a little baby!] I do however want to get better at it as I think baby might be waiting for me to 'stop' before saying hello.

Towards the end of the week, after all the outstanding jobs were finished I also had a mini breakdown. It caught me completely out of the blue. We were sat down after lunch and I suddenly realised things would never be the same again once Baby B arrived. I just burst into tears.

You will all know that I have been very excited about the arrival of Baby B, and I still am, but I think all the positivity has been hiding some other feelings. Mr B and I have always been so happy, which I am so thankful for, but it suddenly dawned on me that things will change. After the little wobble and after talking to Mr B (and crying on him!) I realised that yes things will change, but it is a new chapter. No one is going to suddenly take all our happy memories away, we are simply going to have more good times, happiness and memories.

So, this week has been wonderful because I have realised that this is the start of a new chapter, not a new book!


  1. Oh the end seems to take as long as the entire pregnancy (well it did for me but the first time round the baby didn't arrive until 42 weeks!)

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