30 Mar 2011

The Gallery: Hair - Oh look at his hair!

I couldn't resist this weeks prompt for the gallery! Hair!

This could not be more apt at the minute. Our new little arrival (when do I have to stop saying new and little?) has the most amazing hair. In fact it was the first thing we were told when we arrived at the hospital when I was in labour!

Well we weren't disappointed. Elliott has the most amazing head of hair. We were warned it might fall out, or he might get a bald patch. But nothing yet. The only change has been it lightening to my hair colour rather than the Mr's.

His hair is the first thing that everyone comments on. The midwifes in the hospital, friends and family, the strangers in the street.

So, here it is without further ado. My contribution to hair, my gorgeous little boy, his hair and one of his priceless expressions - yes I know it's just wind :)

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  1. Adorable!

    And gas or no, I love his little "Oooooh" face :)

  2. beautiful photograph. So so sweet. I do love dark hair on babies (probably because my own had hair like that) it makes them look so cute.

  3. He is adorable and has amazing hair? How old is he? He looks very new! I also have a new one, she is 13 weeks and I am new to the world of blogging. Hope you don't mind if I follow you?

  4. Awwww how cute and yes that expression is a classic


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