16 Mar 2011

The Gallery: Trees - Thinking of Japan

I haven't really had chance to blog in the past couple of weeks due to our new little arrival, but at the minute I am trying to keep up with The Gallery and Silent Sunday just to keep me sane :)

This week's prompt is trees. I had hoped to get out in the garden with the SLR as there are lots of buds that seem to have suddenly appeared but this was a little unrealistic. So instead I raided the archives again.

I went straight to our photos of Japan, as I am sure it is in all of our minds since recent events. Crazy to think that we were there a just under a year ago! We saw many beautiful trees in Japan but this photo really captures it for me. Wishing Japan some brighter days.

Mount Fuji

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  1. That's a lovely photo. The Cherry Blossoms will be in bloom here very soon, usually for the beginning of the school year where I am. They are a sign of new beginnings, which couldn't come soon enough for so many.

  2. This is a gorgeous picture. So crazy what is happening in Japan at the moment :( x

  3. Beautiful picture and post - I second you in wishing Japan brighter days.


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