24 Apr 2011

[ . . 30 before 30 . . ] 1. Have a baby ... Part 3

My birth story part 1 and part 2.

We arrived in our new room and that is when the after pains and shock started to kick in. In fact things started to go a little down hill and foggy.

I was examined again by the main midwife and was told I would need a lot of stitches. Apparently Elliott's cord had been wrapped around his shoulder, hence the popping back up after every push but most crucially he came out with his hand up to his eye making it a little disruptive for me! Out came the stirrups and they got to work. As the student midwife was still there the main one was talking through a lot of what she was doing. Great for the student. Not so great for me. There was talk of me needing an epidural which panicked me, after getting through the birth naturally an epidural now would have seemed a little cruel but we managed to avoid it.

Up until now I hadn't really used much of my hypnobirthing practice as everything had been so quick but boy was it useful now. It really helped me remove myself from the room and situation. I was aware and I could hear everything but I was mentally somewhere else. An hour and half later and they were done. Phew.

Their shift was also over so it was goodbye to our lovely, amazing, inspiring midwives and hello chaotic hospital. Another midwife came to weigh Elliott, we still had no idea how heavy he was - 6lb 14.5oz - a nice healthy weight considering I was told I would be lucky to have a 5lb baby at the beginning of this pregnancy. The midwife put Elliott's first nappy on and dressed him with us both looking on intently. All of a sudden he looked like a different baby.

It was time for me to have a shower. It was only then that I realised I would have to move off the bed. My body suddenly felt very heavy and weak. The lack of food for 6 hours and blood loss had taken hold. The adrenalin was also wearing off. I hobbled to the shower with the help of a nurse. My brain was shot, I couldn't work out what I needed to take with me or what to do. It was the most difficult shower I had ever had but so, so worth it.

At some point I had the joy of a ham and cheese sandwich and we all sat looking at each other. Breastfeeding seemed to be working, and I was managing to get around, although I was very uncomfortable. We were moved to the ward and I managed to walk there unaided. Then we were left on our own. We weren't sure what was going on, no one checked us, there wasn't even a hot meal for me just another sandwich and a Pot Noodle that I had taken with us in case of a long labour. We felt stranded. Luckily the next thing we knew it was visiting time and my Mum and Dad came to meet their grandson which perked us all up a bit. They left when the bell rang and then the bombshell. Mr had got to leave. I couldn't face it so he managed to hide in our room for a couple of hours. We still hadn't changed a nappy or dressed him ourselves and all of a sudden I was going to be left on my own with a baby. I hadn't got a clue!

He left, we were both sad but with the help of a lovely student midwife Elliott and I started to work everything out for ourselves. I was suddenly a Mum! The initial breastfeeding success hadn't continued and I was feeling very anxious about everything. I didn't turn the light off all night and sat with the bed upright and my glasses on. I slept for 20 minutes.

That was just the start as I ended up being in hospital for 3 nights and 4 days. It was not good. They were completely understaffed and the aftercare was disappointing. There were many tears, talk of blood transfusions, numerous tests for jaundice, accusations of me asking for too many painkillers (despite being told too) and a lot of pain.

Family B making our escape!

We finally made our escape on Saturday night about 9pm after virtually bribing the head midwife. I had a fit of hysterics laughing trying to get Elliott into his sleepsuit and car seat and the car ride scared the life out of me.

But we were home. I was so happy I cried.

I had missed my husband, my home and Charlie the cat. I had been looking forward to being a family for nearly 10 months and finally I was home and everything could start for real.

The 'end'.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If you managed to read all three parts of my birth story then congratulations for surviving my waffling. I have written this mainly as a record for me because as time goes on, just 7 weeks later, the details are already getting hazy.

It truly was the most amazing experience but I had always seen it as the end. Which it was in a way, the end of the pregnancy, but blimey that really is only just the beginning isn't it!


  1. thanks for sharing, I had a crap after care experience too - great to get home isn't it. If you can get through that you can get through anything!

  2. I love reading birth stories and shed a few tears at the end of part 2. I really feel for you with this, as being alone in hospital was easily the worst part of the experience for me too. The not knowing what to do and having to figure it out by yourself is just awful - from looking after and feeding a baby to just simple things like where the shower is - it was all so lonely and awkward. But like you say, it's just a tiny bit at the very start.

    This has brought back a lot of memories for me. When we first brought our baby home we put his car seat on the kitchen table and he cried, we said oh dear, maybe it's too bright and turned the lights off - of course, he always just wanted a cuddle. Now he's sitting behind me playing on the Cbeebies website and asking for more breakfast, while baby two crawls around the room... It was less than three years ago that we brought him home. Time goes so, so fast.

  3. I should really be avoiding birth stories at this point but I know that every single one is different. I have enjoyed reading all three parts of yours. I can understand how you felt being stuck there - I was in for a total of 9 days after induction and Piran being poorly afterward. I too begged to be allowed to go home.

    I can't believe I am about to do it all again. It's amazing, scary, overwhelming and bloody wonderful. Like Imperfect Pages said it seems like yesterday we got Piran home, although it is actually 21 months. He is running rings round us now!

  4. Just along to catch up on your birth story as it's lovely to hear about your experience - even though some of it wasn't great.

    I remember vividly that feeling of loneliness with a new baby and the sudden realisation you're a mum. I was in 2 nights (c-section) and the first night was purely awful - no sleep, being whisked away for an xray after screaming in pain with a nerve in back.

    It is great to get home though and I love your pictures documenting your journey. Great to see you with your pregnant belly and then the escape pic down the hospital corridor :)

    Thanks for sharing this xx

  5. Thank you all! It has been like therapy sharing this actually. It was such a downer having to stay in hospital for so long after such a natural birth. Anyway, need to put it behind me now. Besides, loads of you have/are doing it all again so the memories must disappear :) hehe


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