11 Apr 2011

The Gallery: Mother Love - The newbie

Well this is a lot later than I had planned to post but how could I miss out on the gallery when the prompt is about mothers.

Being a new mother (sorry if you are sick if hearing about it) of only five weeks has been a rollercoaster that's for sure. There have been some ups and downs so far. Some of the downs I am not quite ready to share but hopefully we are nearly over them.

I never thought motherhood would be easy but I really did not anticipate it being quite this hard. It has tested my every being and not being able to control every detail of my days and nights is still not completely agreeing with me. I am hoping however that we can meet somewhere in the middle of the current craziness and my control freakiness. We'll see.

One thing for sure though is that through all this has been love, words of encouragement and looks of kindness. From my family. From my friends. And from Elliott.

All I can hope is that as I start to work this all out I can continue the great motherly love that came before me.

My Mum, my Mum's Mum, Elliott and the new Mum (oh that's me!)

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  1. How could we possibly be sick of hearing about a beautiful tiny new baby? And of course about motherhood - just about my entire blog is spent talking about and analysing that role! Sorry to hear that you're having some tough times - it is all so hard and crazy at first (and for a long time afterwards!) but you will get there.

    On a lighter note, what a lovely photo, and your Mum looks like she has her finger on the fashion pulse! :)

  2. What a wonderful picture, I am sad that my Grandparents never got to see me become a mum but that is the way of things I guess.

    I am glad things are settling down for you, I remember it was around 6 weeks that I felt I was coming out of the fog. I can't believe we are about to dive head first into it again!

  3. Of course we are NOT sick of hearing about your beautiful baby boy. That picture is simply gorgeous, I love it. Definitely one to treasure over the years.

    I hope even though you're finding it tough you're also enjoying motherhood. You're right, it's not easy but thankfully despite the sleepless nights, constant feeding and nappy changing etc. there are such powerful moments of pure pleasure that melt your heart.

    Heather x


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