17 Apr 2011

[ . . Wonderful Week . . ] Firsts

Morning nap             Morning smiles

I can't quite believe it is two weeks since I declared that I was 'back' and since then all I have managed to achieve are some Silent Sunday and The Gallery posts - frankly the ones I find the easiest. I somehow find time in between and during feeds, nappies and winding to find a photo and attach some words.

I am however still not finding the time to actually get all the thoughts whirling around in my head out into words and write actual blog posts. Something I really think I need to do for my own sanity. I first started this blog to 'give me something to do' and as something to focus on after getting made redundant but now I think I need it as my outlet. I need to get these thoughts and feelings out. I am currently typing this as fast as I can whilst E is asleep on the sofa next to me (you never really know how long these moments will last) and Mr B is upstairs catching up on his sleep. I am really going to try to make the most of every second.

One boost during the past week is that some lovely person nominated me for a MAD Award. Not probably quite as rude as you might think, it isn't a classification of madness (although that may be more fitting right now), the Mads celebrate the UK's best mum and dad blogs and I have been nominated in the Best Baby Blog category. There are over 40 blogs nominated in the category so I don't really expect to get into the five shortlisted blogs that will go forward but it is still nice to be thought of. If however you haven't nominated yet and enjoy reading my blog I would really appreciate it if you would consider theprojectlab - especially as next year we won't qualify for the baby category :). You can nominate your favourite blogs here.

Another first for this week has been E's first smiles. I say smiles as he had been doing it for a few days before Mr B and I would admit that it was actually a smile. Poor boy, he had learnt this new skill and we were just dismissing it! It wasn't until the health visitor saw him that she commented "oh he is smiling now then" and made a note in his little red book that I took notice. Seriously, how bad are we, one of those firsts that new parents long for and enjoy and we missed it. Oh well, I can safely say we are now enjoying every smile and every new gurgley noise that comes along.

So through the exhaustion, frustration and pain caused by the lack of sleep and the colic we are relishing every first whether we notice them immediately or not!

What were your favourite firsts? Let me know so I can keep my eye out and not miss any more :)


  1. I've already voted for you :)

    So many lovely firsts to look forward to, rolling, pulling up on things . . . snorting. Milo was a big snorter and I loved it! x

  2. We had a lovely time with Betsy doing her first proper awake social time this weekend. So special spending time interacting with her and seeing her charm people in the cafe. Smiles, noises and lots of cuddles.

  3. When my little girl started playing 'peekabo' with a pack of bread rolls I'd given her to hold while we did the supermarket run. It was the first time she 'got' the idea of playing being something that she could initiate instead of waiting for me or her dad to start a game. Clever clever and super-cute.

  4. Thank you. We have been getting a lot more awake time and he is very alert and looking at everything. I also love the snorts - apart from when he does it all night :) I can't wait to play peekaboo! Lx

  5. Oh the first giggle was amazing. I used to sing 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' and he used to giggle, it was brilliant!


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