8 May 2011

The Gallery: April - this year and last

April last year was all about freedom and exploring.

We had a wedding to attend and a hen do in Paris. It was also Mr B's 30th Birthday and to celebrate we went on a once in a lifetime holiday to Japan. It was amazing and I have been meaning to blog properly about it for a long time but words can never quite capture what a great experience it was. It is such a friendly country and we were made to feel extremely welcome wherever we went, even when they couldn't speak a word of English!


Nara Geisha's

Fertility Shrine
A fertility shrine - it obviously worked!

Kyoto Temple

Mount Fuji

So this April was a little different.

It has been all about Elliott. About finding our feet and about family.

April is however for me always about blossom whether you are in the UK or exploring elsewhere...

Photo taken in the bluebell woods April 2011

I am very late (as aways) posting my entry for the Gallery but why not see what it is all about here.


  1. This is a really lovely post and an amazing contrast. Also, I keep saying it I know but Elliot is adorable x

  2. Oh I love his expression. Great post.


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