7 May 2011

[ . . Wonderful Week . . ] Holding on and letting go

Holding on?

This week has been about being honest with myself and really trying to enjoy things. And also letting go just a little bit.

The week started with my first solo outing and first missed feed. So what do I decide to do with my new found independence? Go to a car boot sale! The opportunity to meander around in a field in the sun looking at everyone elses junk. Excellent. I found lots of books for E, mainly story and nursery rhyme ones as I have realised I don't know any nursery rhymes and the only song I can ever think of to sing to him is Little Donkey! Not particularly appropriate for the summer :)

I had a lovely time and didn't miss him at all although it was nice to get home and be welcomed by a smile.

This week as you may have read has also been the start of formula feeding which we all seem to be taking to quite well. I am feeling better and better about this each time we give him a bottle because it really seems to agree with him. There are obviously things about breastfeeding that I am going to miss, like him holding on for dear life to my necklace (see above) so we are doing things gradually.

This week has also been about seeing friends and family and genearlly enjoying our time together. E is playing a lot more and is even grasping some of his toys. He is making new noises all the time and I don't think it will be long until we get a giggle.

Maybe most excitingly, tonight Mr B and I are having our first outing together. We are going out for dinner. Maybe appropriately we have chosen the Thai restaurant where we went on my due date. E is being dropped off at my parents with a bottle and we are all going to have fun.

After all, that is what it is all about. Fun.

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