18 May 2011

[ . . Wonderful Week . . ] On the way up

Saturday night's alright!

I am a little late blogging this week. And I think that is a good thing. I must be feeling better.

In recent weeks I have been using my blog as an outlet to get all the scary and upsetting feelings out in the open. The fact that I haven't blogged is therefore reflective that these feelings are disappearing. Something that I never thought would actually happen.

The past week has seen the formula feeding really take off and we are both so much happier. We have just got back from the health visitor today and at 11 weeks old E is now 12lb 4oz. That's an amazing weight gain of 2lb in 2 weeks! Something is obviously agreeing with him :)

We have been out more and not had to worry about feeding in public. We have survived shops without crying fits and we have had lots of playing.

Maybe most bizarrely I have even been giving advice. Me, parenting advice. Hilarious really when you consider my past few weeks but it really does prove how quickly you can come out the other side.

And I really do hope that this is the start of the other side. I don't mind visiting the dark side occasionally but I don't want it to be home.

Hope you have all had wonderful weeks!

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  1. I really hope that this is the start of things becoming easier for you.


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