9 Jun 2011

[ . . 30 before 30 . . ] 18. Have a French manicure

Posh nails

I used to bite my nails until there was no nail left. Then I used to pick the skin around them. Needless to say my nails have never been a strong point.

However, in recent years they have improved. As I have become less stressed and anxious the picking has stopped. In fact they are now pretty good nails.

I always admire painted nails but I have never been able to do them myself. Not being a girly girl this isn't surprising. Therefore it felt like a real treat to have them painted. I have only had them done professionally once before, the night before my wedding. Not too risky I thought, loads of people have their nails done. But no, they were such a state I had to take all the polish off when I got home.

This is why I added it to my 30 before 30 list and with fingers crossed (no pun intended!) I booked an appointment to have a manicure as part of a spa day package. It has been good timing as I was able to use a voucher I got for Christmas, it has fallen just as I needed a day to myself and in time for my friends wedding on Saturday.

So what do you think? I'm pretty pleased.

But, actually the most important part of it is that I was able to spend some quality time with myself. It was heaven. I really do enjoy my own company.

I now just need to not chip them too much before Saturday!


  1. They look gorgeous! i dream of having wonderful manicures but whenever i've bothered [wedding!] they end up chipped just hours after! Hope yours are still gleaming!! xxx

  2. Thanks Shauna, it has felt very luxurious having them done! They lasted until Saturday which is what I wanted so I can't complain. Doubt they'll last much longer now I'm not being quite so careful! Lx


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