5 Jul 2011

[ . . 30 before 30 . . ] 7. Go on a date with Mr B

This one off my 30 before 30 list actually makes me laugh now I read it back.

Like many of them I added it because it is something that we never used to do enough of. But now, we have the perfect excuse. The loving and doting grandparents can't wait to baby sit for little E so, well, we have to keep them happy now don't we ;)

Probably the most memorable real date of recent times was on my due date when we went out for dinner to take my mind off things and if you are a regular reader you will know it did the trick as little E arrived the morning after. Since then we have been out for dinner quite a few times which we used to love to do in the 'old days' and then most recently the pièce de résistance has been to go to a gig.

This really takes me back to the old days. When Mr B and I first met he was in a band. In fact that was his golden chat up line. Needless to say we used to go to gigs quite often - Mr B's and others. We have been very fortunate to get some great tickets and see some now quite large bands in small dingey places.

Ones I can remember off the top of my head are Scissor Scissors, Ed Harcourt, Death Cab for Cutie, Flaming Lips, The Magic Numbers, Iron & Wine, Cake, Grandaddy, Kings of Convenience, Supergrass, M Ward, and Midlake. No doubt I have forgotten some classics which Mr B will tease me about.

But, most recently we drove 40 miles to see Fleet Foxes and The Bees who were supporting. We have seen The Bees a lot of times and they are one of my favourites, what I call happy music which is always good. They weren't really up to their usual standard but they were only the support so I will let them off. It was the first time we had seen Fleet Foxes and they didn't disappoint. Having had their albums on constant repeat in the car since E was born I even knew all the songs.

We had such a great time but did struggle to talk about things other than baby E but I guess that is inevitable these days.

We do now need to plan our next date though, we don't actually have one lined up. Hmmm..? Do any of you have regular 'date nights'? What are your favourites? Cinema, meal..?


  1. I think we all have intentions of date nights but they get pushed back for other things most of the time. We don't have as many as we should - they tend to be for special occasions like birthdays. We are planning on going out this weekend though but it's to a wedding night doo. Not exactly a date night but it will just be good to get out.

    I think you can't beat going out for a nice romantic meal somewhere special and try and ban the baby talk. It's SO difficult not to talk about kids though :)

    Have fun planning your next one x

  2. This is really good. Mr C and I have let date nights slip and it is a bad habit. We find it hard to get a baby sitter as we only have his parents nearby and they already look after Piran two days a week so I hate to ask for more.

    That said I am desperate to see the Harry Potter movie and I am hoping we will manage to get it sorted so we can go together.

  3. We are really lucky having both sets of grandparents within a 15 minute drive of us which makes life a lot easier. I am wondering however whether these first few weeks have been a fluke. I hope we can continue them, it is nice to remember who we were before being parents :) Hope you both get date nights set up soon! Lx


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