8 Aug 2011

Have you seen...? Jealous Sweets

When I saw the opportunity on Twitter pop up about reviewing some sweets I couldn't resist. What's more they were vegetarian sweets. The non veggies amongst you may be thinking "aren't all sweets vegetarian?", I certainly used to think so but no, many sweets contain pork gelatin. Tasty!

Now I'm not vegetarian but Mr B is so I have been on a steep learning curve about what is 'safe', you don't want to know how long it takes to do a supermarket shop constantly checking for the little green 'v' on everything you pick up. Anyway, back to the sweets...

I was sent a few sweets by the lovely 'Jealous' for me and Mr B to try. Jealous prides itself in sweets that are 'Irresistible, delectable sweets packaged in gorgeous gift boxes, made from only natural ingredients and suitable for those with specific dietary and ethical requirements'. Sounded good to me :)

They arrived in a bright pink box and before I could blink Mr B had swiped some to take to work. They certainly passed the look good test. He reported back that they were really nice. I also managed to rescue a few and they were nice. Very gummy and chewy. I saved the sour ones until last as they are normally my favourite. They were nice and slightly jelly baby-ish but I have to admit, not quite as sour as I like. Maybe it was because I only had a couple and couldn't properly build up the taste. They were however Mr B's favourite.

So in summary, we were impressed. Mr B especially said that it was good to remember what sweets tasted like after he worked out it had been at least 10 years since he had tried any! I did like them but have to admit that I may still be a Haribo girl - maybe I just like pork in my sweets?

I would however feel happier about giving these sweets to little E when he's older as a treat as they have no artificial colours or flavours and certainly tasted 'natural'. The packaging, yes I do judge a book by it's cover, is also very nice.

Why not take a look at their website and if you are near Selfridges pop in to the food court and pick up a box.

..........:..:..:..:.. Disclaimer: This is a review for which I got 'paid' for in a handful of sweets :) ..:..:..:..........

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