7 Sept 2011

[ . . Wonderful Weeks . . ] There has been a few...

We have been so busy having wonderful weeks that I haven't actually been able to find the time to blog about them ;)

We have:
  • Spoken to friends the other side of the world
  • Visited Calke Abbey
  • Seen lots of baby friends - E really is the sociable one!
  • Enjoyed quite a few pub lunches
  • Grabbed some bargains at the car boot sale
  • Been to friend's houses for tea and cake and lots of inspiring chats
  • Prepared to say goodbye to family for a few months as they go off on their travels
  • Laughed at the outdoor theatre (which I couldn't recommend highly enough) 
  • Celebrated E's 6 month birthday
  • Learned how to sit up!
Most importantly I have really enjoyed being a Mum. It has suddenly dawned on me that with work (of some description!) pending I really should be grasping all these special days. Even if that means enjoying a day at home in our PJ's!

The next few weeks are also promising to be wonderful with holidays, exciting plans and hopefully some creativity.


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  1. So great to read this. I remember something similar, around the 6 month mark, things suddenly felt like they were that much easier. I guess it's the point where you've gotten used to your role as a mum enough for it to really be a part of you, as well as being a point where you and LO have gotten to know each other that little bit more to make it easier. This is where the fun really begins I think :) Emily is coming up to 8 months now and I am loving it xx


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