10 Oct 2011

[ . . Wonderful Week . . ] A busy few weeks

Maybe I should change this post to a monthly one ;) I just can't keep up!

The past few weeks have involved a lovely holiday (post to come soon), lots of car booting (actually wrote that post!), job applications (post to come soon), starting some new ventures (post to come soon) - do you see a theme emerging here!

Excitingly it has also included E getting his first teeth (!), you can't really see them yet but you can certainly feel them, like little razors at the bottom of his mouth. He is also loving his food, and not drinking much milk these days. He's sleeping better and really, really trying to crawl. I can't believe how grown up he seems already. I really wasn't expecting this at 7 months.

The next few weeks should be pretty exciting ones so I will keep you posted...hopefully!

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