2 Oct 2012

It's been a while

So I have lost count with how many of these types of posts that I have written over the years. You know the score. I haven’t blogged for x weeks/months/years. Well it has been 7 months on this occasion.

My last post was celebrating E’s first birthday and just a couple of weeks after I started working full time. My ambitious vision of working full time and managing to keep up a blog failed quite quickly. Not necessary due to a lack of time but a definitely an increase in tiredness. Seriously there just aren’t enough hours in the day! However, I seemed to decide that being a full time mum and full time employee wasn’t enough and took on even more by volunteering as a marketing coordinator for a new Oxfam Fundraising Group and arranging and promoting events to raise money. 

Um, yes. There is a reason this blog was called ‘the project lab’ as I always seem to have to have something going on. This certainly hasn’t changed. 

So, as nothing stays the same forever we move into October with me due to change full time jobs and a personal vow to start blogging again. I often read back through old posts and they really do bring my memories of E’s first year to life. It’s time to start capturing his second year properly…and making the time to do so. 

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