7 May 2014

The Gallery: Faces

I knew it had been sometime since I took part in Tara's weekly linky, The Gallery. What I didn't expect was when I checked when it was, it is almost 3 years ago!

My last link up was in June 2011 and focused on E being 4 months old. Now as we await the arrival of baby number 2 (less than a week and a half away!) it was quite a timely read and made me remember how precious those first few weeks and months are. They really don't last long.

This week's prompt is 'faces'. One thing we have always done with E is to take family selfies. I love doing this as they really catch a moment. The expressions, the location, the feelings at the time. Here are three of our most recent taken at Christmas and on our holiday back in March.

I really am looking forward to there being four of us in the next family shot!

If you hadn't guessed it yet I am linking up with Sticky Fingers The Gallery.


  1. Welcome back my friend. And I love LOVE that you have a tradition of family selfies. Long may it continue x

  2. How lovely - and good luck, I hope the arrival of Baby #2 goes smoothly!

  3. Awww thats so nice! Theres going to be an addition next time =) #TheGallery

  4. Lovely photos! I can't wait for four in my selfies too!


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