14 Jun 2014


I love food. I just love other people to make it for me!

Mr B has always done the cooking. This actually started by accident as Mr B was always the first home from work in the evening as I had a long commute. Then the less I cooked the more I feared it. There has also been some catastrophic failures on my part (thinking evaporated and condensed milk were the same!) which haven't helped my confidence. Then there is the added complication that Mr B is vegetarian.

With maternity leave approaching I decided I wanted to 'earn my keep' and start preparing dinner in the week, well at least a couple of evenings anyway. I also wanted to try and save some money on the groceries, to move away from the nearly-ready meals and to stop throwing food away which we had become terrible at. These past couple of weeks, as I have started to find my stride as a mother of two, I have started to experiment with some recipes.

I figured the key to succeeding in this must be the planning so I have been pinning to my 'food' board on Pinterest for quite some time. That has been a great source of inspiration, along with the contents of the fridge and the BBC Good Food website has also become my new best friend.

Some hits so far have been:
We'll enter my third week next week when I've got mushroom and bean hotpot, veggie bolognese, lentil chilli, spinach lasagne and chickpea curry to choose from. That's if Mr B can keep himself out of the kitchen!

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