21 Jan 2010


...is one of the crafts I have always fancied but never tried.

I think I have been scared off as I am not really a natural with the wool - one of my many secrets is that I never have mastered knitting!

Well, after browsing Folksy I have found something that might just tempt me to try.

This gorgeous tea cosy by Andrea Lesley is the perfect balance of twee, quirky and retro. I especially love the colour combination - it would certainly look pretty good in my kitchen.

Actually I might not learn and just treat myself instead - it's a bargain at £17.

Perfect for some nice tea and cake.


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  1. I'm the same! Love the look and idea of crochet, but just not wired to actually do it. Still, this teacosy is fab (love the big blooms) and I know I'll try again at some point (I never learn in any sense of the word!). Jen x


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