24 Jan 2010


So tomorrow evening I start a watercolour course at the local college. I am really looking forward to it as I have never tried watercolour but think it may be a challenge.

My A Level Art at school consisted of painting with just acrylics so I find the 'free-ness' of watercolour slightly daunting. To give me some inspiration before tomorrow I have been searching Folksy and Etsy for 'watercolour'. Below are two of my favourite finds.

Mimilove's postcards on Etsy feature prints of her original, hand painted, watercolour paintings on stretched canvas. Mimilove's work features watercolour and embroidery (another of my interests). My favourite is of a chicken in vibrant zingy shades of oranges, reds and yellows with contrasting tones of purple and blues.

My second find of the evening is from Atherton Lin over at Folksy who make stationery that tells a story. They are influenced by British children's books, cinema and pop music. It's a calendar for 2010, bit late I know (!) but that does mean it is reduced! The calendar starts with a New Year's resolution — to stand up straight (which I do actually need to do!) and it follows six nameless characters through 12 months of letter writing, music mixes, childhood fears, old stereo equipment and perhaps a parallel universe. Four of the months can be seen below:

Now I don't intend to be able to paint like either of those by the end of Monday night but it is good to have something to aspire too!


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