7 Jan 2011

[ . . 30 before 30 . . ]
The list!

 So here is the list!
  1. Have a baby
  2. Become a mum
  3. Visit a country I am intrigued by
  4. Pay off one credit card
  5. Visit a museum or gallery
  6. Wear makeup/dress up at least once a month
  7. Go on a date with Mr B
  8. See friends
  9. Finally feel like the house is 'finished'
  10. Attempt to grow my own in the garden
  11. Bake some cupcakes
  12. Drink tea out of teacup more regularly
  13. Learn to play a song on the piano
  14. Read a book cover to cover
  15. Start our family history
  16. Sort and print digital photos that only ever end up on the computer
  17. Spend half a day taking photos with the digital SLR camera
  18. Have a French manicure
  19. Try an adult ballet class
  20. Paint a watercolour
  21. Do a cross stitch picture
  22. Make something on my new sewing machine
  23. Do some freehand tapestry
  24. Take a photo a day
  25. Knit something
  26. Stop being such a perfectionist
  27. Be more confident
  28. Blog regularly
  29. Go to the DENTIST
  30. Be braver with my clothes and style

I will be crossing things off as I go along on the master list here.
Everytime I complete something I will also be blogging about it. Stay tuned! Only 26 weeks to go! Arghhh!

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