9 Jan 2011

[ . . 30 before 30 . . ] 24. Photo a day

So, I may as well try and start as I mean to go on and just get stuck in!

Number 24 on my list of 30 things to complete before I'm 30 is to take a photo a day. This isn't a new idea as many have acheived it in the past but I have never suceeded. There's a surprise.

However, I was recently reminded of the idea when I stumbled upon SuzieQ's Flickr account and the set 365. The interesting thing from Suzie's set was that it revolved around her new son. This naturally struck a chord.

So, I doubt I will acheive one photo a day. It may be none for a few days and then four on another. But that's fine. I am not going to get hung-up on the technicalities :)

Here are two to reflect my Saturday.
Charlie saying hello
Photo's by Me.

I will be continually uploading the new photos I take to my flickr account here.

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