7 Feb 2011

[ . . 30 before 30 . . ] 4. Pay off a credit card

The past few years have certainly been busy and expensive. All our own fault I hasten to add!

We got married and had an amazing honeymoon to Singapore, Bali and Hong Kong in 2008.

Since we bought our house five years ago we have had a lot of work done including re-doing/decorating every room in the house at least once and in 2009 we had the roof fully re-tiled, and moved the position of the upstairs bathroom to make the most of the space.

Then last year we decided that we would have one last ‘big’ holiday to Japan before we tried for a family. This was not cheap – once in a lifetime – but certainly not cheap!

So, here we are a few years later, happy and with many memories but also the debt that came with it. As we start to tighten our belts so I can stay off work for a while with Baby B in 2011 we are starting to get ourselves back to ‘zero’. One credit card down, a few more to go!


  1. Well done you!

    Your blog is lovely btw. x

  2. Awesome! It's a huge relief to get rid of debt. The day I pay off my student loans, I may just have to throw a ball!

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