9 Feb 2011

The Gallery: 24 hours - the highlights

Tara over at Sticky Fingers has set this week's Gallery prompt as 24 hours. This one had me a little stumped as I couldn't just delve into my archives to find something and needed to actually take some photos. I also forgot until yesterday.

Not that this made much difference as my last few weeks have been a lot about getting organised for the arrival of Baby B, washing and cleaning. All pretty dull. And yesterday wasn't any exception so I decided to focus on the graphic and intriguing disguised in the mundane.

So here it is, my 24 hours, Tuesday this week...

Bump & Grass
Celebrating the sunshine by wearing my trainers for the first time in months!

Ickle shoes
One 'last' trip to stock up on baby essentials and ended up buying more unnecessary treats.

Hoovering (again!).

The boy
Quick relax and cup of tea with Charlie.
Welcome home.

And to bed...(never realised before how much this looked like a smiley monkey!)

I am now off to make another cup of tea and enjoy looking at everyone elses 24 hour posts. And guess what, Charlie boy is sat in exactly the same position as yesterday! Some things never change.


  1. Oh look at your lovely dress! And the lovely baby shoes! Even the vacuum cleaner looks fabulous in your photos! Great pictures :) x

  2. Super photos! Love them. A great collection of 24 hours of your life...and yes the headboard does look like a smiley monkey :)

  3. I LOVE your photos. Especially the doormat and slippers one :)
    Your cat is gorgeous too. I have a lazy grey and white moggie who likes to curl up on the sofa and stay put for hours on end! Even an OTT 15 month old patting and poking her doesn't make her get up and move!

  4. Love the perspective of these photo's, strangely I think the hoover one is my favourite :)

  5. Oh my God,your cat is gorgeous. Reminds me so much of my beloved and much missed childhood cat. You have the same doormat as me too, so you clearly have marvellous taste!

  6. Beautiful pictures, I love your doormat :)

  7. Love the baby shoes! It took a while, but I too saw the smiley monkey.

    Herding Cats


  8. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!


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