25 Feb 2011

Dear so and so...

Dear the blogging world,

Thank you for accepting me, encouraging me and inspiring me to continue with this blog. It now must be some sort of record for me keeping it up. Thank you for your meme's and prompts. What with the Gallery on a Wednesday, Silent Sunday and now my first venture into 'Dear So and So' there are constant ideas. And the comments that come with them, they really make my day.

L x

Dear Charlie,

You really are the most wonderful cat. So much more than a pet - in fact that term makes me a little upset. Thank you for wanting to sit with me all the time and have lots of fuss. I like how you seem to want to get as close to bump as you can and how you looked generally concerned when I was poorly yesterday.

I really hope you do not change when baby arrives. You are going to make an excellent big 'brother'.

L x

Dear Mr B,

This week you have tested me by entering my little 'private' online world. Following me on Twitter means you can now see into my brain - not like you couldn't anyway! Maybe I need to accept that my anonymity has gone. Maybe it never existed anyway.

I don't know why this seemed so strange to begin with, I lost my Twitter voice for a few hours. We are so close, you know how I tick. You know my strengths, my weaknesses and my weirdnesses. You know I am a geek. All this, and you still love me. Please don't ever stop.

L x

PS. The cutest part of you now being 'into' Twitter rather than just taking the piss out of me is that I am able to teach you something. This doesn't happen very often. #theresaturnupforthebooks hehe!


Dear Baby B,

So you continue to tease us with your potential early arrival. Little signs here and there. It looks like you aren't going to arrive today like we had hoped but you still have a few days to meet the target.

Whenever you decide to make an entrance into this world please know that you have a very excited mummy and daddy-to-be waiting to cuddle you and hold your hand. You may be scared but we are a little bit too! Will we know how to change your nappy, what will we do when we can't stop you crying? But we are all in this together. We will get there.

Mummy, x

Dear Hairdresser,

Thank you for your words this week and explaining to me that I can bring Baby B with me to my next appointment. These are the things that I don't even realise I don't know until I am told. I wouldn't have known what to do.

There are going to be so many more of these in the coming weeks I feel. But thank you for crossing one of my list.

L x

Disclaimer: the above are in no particular order!

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Dear So and So...

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