24 Feb 2011

Music to give birth to...

I have been wanting to put together a playlist for the hospital for some time ready for Baby B's arrival into the world and inspired by a post over at Mumra's blog I thought I would share some of my choices with you.

As I am sure is a similar story for many people I am hoping for as natural a birth as possible. I am not however hung up on this and will do whatever it takes to make sure baby and I are as safe as possible. Part of this for me is positive thinking and feeling relaxed and comfortable. Music for me has that great power of being able to transport you to somewhere else. The associations we have with certain songs can be very strong. So this, along with some of my hypnobirthing mp3s from Tums2Mums should be the perfect mix.

The first for me has to be Air, and I could have picked nearly any song from the Moon Safari album. It is always the first album I go to when I want to switch off and drift away. I have chosen New Star in the Sky mainly for the name!

From a similar era for me is Kings of Convenience's, Quiet Is the New Loud. This takes me straight back to when I first met Mr B and has lots of happy memories.

Another from a similar genre is Royksopp and the album Melody AM.

To change the tone a little bit and add some guitar next I have picked Never Say Anything from The Belles. Mr B was in a band when I first met him back in 2002 and our lives revolved quite substantially around going to gigs and him playing gigs. He therefore always had a new favourite band and at one time this was them. He played at the same gigs with them a few times and we still listen at home.

I have realised how old all these songs are so to bring it a little bit more up to date is Midlake. We went to see them in November and at that stage Baby B wasn't wriggling too much and the music (and probably the bass) woke little one up and he/she went crazy! We have since listened to their albums in the car a lot and Baby B seems to approve.

I hope you liked the peek into my music taste - heavily influenced by Mr B. Which no doubt Baby B's will be too.

Why not go over to Mumra's blog now following the link below to see more great playlists...

Mumra Playlist

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  1. What fab tunes!

    I'm so pleased you linked these up and that you blogged them for your memories.

    Hope you get your plan and these are the first sounds the baby hears. x


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