2 Feb 2011

The Gallery: Shapes...Spanish style

Another great prompt for The Gallery this week and it is 'shapes'.

This one was right up my street and made me think of all the architectural and graphic photos I take. I can't help it. I am drawn to the abstract. Spotting parts of buildings or my surroundings to zoom in on and crop.

I think this comes from when I studied photography and we started off with our black and white 35mm film and manual SLR. Contrast and graphic elements were the name of the game for a strong shot and I discovered the work of  American Ralph Gibson. This never seems to have left me.

So, I started going through lots of old photos, which is hard work these days because all the digitals are stored on a hard drive (which we have lost the power cable for) and the actual prints are in the loft which is getting harder for me to access with the bump. Most of my photos would have fit but I decided to focus on some photos from when we went to Barcelona in 2009 - luckily stored on Facebook!

One of these weeks I will actually use the prompt to go out and take some 'new' photos, maybe in the summer when Baby B is here!

You can see all the other 'shapes' here.


  1. I love Barcelona. I went there on honeymoon, which I'm glad about as it's not my first choice now that we've got kids!

    There's a blog I recently found that you might like, Cosmoravian. http://www.cosmoravian.com/2011/01/local-architecture/ She's into interesting architecture photos too.

  2. Ah, Barcelona: 1 of my favourite cities! Great photos :)

  3. Thanks both, I really loved Barcelona and couldn't believe we hadn't been before as it is so accessible.

    I will take a look at Cosmoravian, I always find looking at other peoples photos inspiring.


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