4 Feb 2011

[ . . Wonderful Week . . ] I'm going to CyberMummy!

I can't believe how fast the weeks are going! Don't get me wrong that is a good thing but there still feels like a lot to do before the arrival of Baby B. With this in mind I have done my last day's work this week to allow myself time to relax in the next few weeks and hopefully encourage Baby B to arrive before D Day (Due Date!).

This week we also attended the funeral of our lovely neighbour of 5 years who passed away in January. She was a remarkable lady and the perfect neighbour. She always looked out for us and took in our many parcels whilst we were both at work. Nothing was ever too much trouble and she was very strong. I would call round every few months and we would have a good chat and most importantly a good laugh. She was laughing until the end. She encouraged us to be neighbourly, which we loved but despite this had never actually spoken to the neighbours the other side of her even though we were a similar age. Well the funeral certainly changed all that. We got on like a house on fire and in addition to being a similar age they are similar in so many other ways. We were all laughing and saying that hopefully our friendship can be one of her legacys.

The nursery has also been coming on leaps and bounds but I am saving showing pictures until it is completed in the next week or two and a few things off my 30 before 30 list are underway. The other main news this week is...

I am very excited about this and if you are a regular reader you will know I have been considering it for some time. After it was announced that Sarah Brown was going to be a keynote speaker earlier this week I thought it was now or never to buy a ticket before they all sold out. So I took the plunge, I was hesitating over the cost of the train, whether to stay over in London, and how/whether to take Baby B but I decided the details can be sorted out nearer the time. I had mentioned the conference to Mr B in the past, who thought it was hilarious that there was such a conference, but I don't think he expected that I would go, either that or he was not listening (!). He looked a little surprised when I broke the news to him when he walked in from work but I think he was more amused at my guilty sounding admission that I had bought a ticket.

To think this is how I am whilst I still have an income, what am I going to be like now I am properly on maternity leave. Am I going to feel the need to ask for pocket money? Oh, I do hope not!

So, I leave this week looking forward to the next. Feeling excited and a little apprehensive that we are a week closer to Baby B's arrival. I think the reality of it is sinking in. How tiny, precious and breakable the little one will seem. How many things will change. What can we still do. What will we not want to do. Can we attend friends weddings and other occasions. What do we need to consider.

Only time will tell.

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  1. Wow, things will have changed a lot for you by the time you get to Cybermummy! See you there :)


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