18 Jun 2011

[ . . 30 before 30 . . ] 6. Wear makeup/dress up at least once a month

A selection from my 'style' board on pinterest

Following on from my last 30 before 30 post about my French manicure, this one seems to follow on quite well. I included it on my 30 before 30 list as the daily grind of life means I am normally too lazy to bother.

I don't wear makeup unless it's for a special occasion and understand that this may sound strange to most of you! Even when I do put a 'face on' it's normally just a bit of concealer and some eye shadow. I don't really know why this is but even as a teenager I didn't wear much makeup. I guess I have picked it up from my mum. The most makeup I have ever worn was for my wedding and that was because I got a professional to do it for me (I wanted to make sure the photos looked reasonable!) and even then I asked her to tone it down :)

Just to emphasise my laziness I also tend to end up wearing the same pair of jeans and favourite top for most occasions. Although you will be happy to know I normally wash them in between it is a little dull. I have been letting myself off this recently as not many of my clothes still fit after going up a dress size since having E. This would normally be a great excuse to invest in a new wardrobe but the timing isn't great whilst I'm on the remainder of my maternity/redundancy pay. To help inspire me a little (especially for when funds allow) I have started a 'style' board on pinterest. After all a girl can dream.

The good news is that since little E has been around it feels even more special to get dressed up, straighten my hair, and put perfume on. So, bizarrely this is one of the few of my 30 before 30's that has been easier and a lot more enjoyable since E's arrival! I don't know whether this is because I feel I am 'earning' this right or just that it makes a change but it is certainly easier.

We have been out for dinner a few times, to BBQ's, to a hen party, to a wedding.

This is definitely one that I want to keep up in the coming months and won't be ending when I reach the magic big three-o. In fact, it is likely to become more important the older I get.

Now, where is that anti-aging cream?? ;)


  1. Hmmmm I think maybe I need to start a 40 before 40 post :(

  2. Good luck if you do but even 30 things has been hard but I did start it with only 6 months to go! I'm really glad I've done it though as it's giving me some good focus :) Doubt I'm going to be able to tick them all of in time...we'll see, Lx

  3. I'm rubbish with make up and stuff too, I have promised myself some new clothes if I get back to my pre baby weight and I have a board on pinterest too, where I seem to pin a lot of your pins!


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