16 Jun 2011

[ . . Wonderful Week . . ] Who am I?

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Well, it's been a good few weeks since I posted a Wonderful Week as I have been busy living life and somehow not finding the time to blog. I am hoping this changes as when I do actually make the time I really enjoy it and am very proud of it.

I guess I am always a bit nervous about posting as I want everything to perfect. When will I learn that nothing is perfect? Maybe if I was a bit more confident I wouldn't worry so much. There are so many wonderful blogs out there and I would love to be one of them but that will never happen if I don't just get on with it. I can't keep waiting for the perfect post subject to pop up in my mind. Some posts will be great, others not so but I need to keep it up.

When I was mooching around on the Internet the other day I stumbled upon a post that I had somehow missed at the time on the lovely Little Red Buttons blog by Abby. It really rang true, entitled 'Combating blog envy' and has played on my mind ever since. It refers to another post, 'Just say NO to blog envy' on a blog that I have never come across before about that sinking feeling you get after visiting amazing blogs about seemingly amazing lives. Luckily it gives a number of tips of how to be true to yourself and your blog and ignore the stats. Tips such as 'be original', 'respect the originality of others', 'blog blindly', 'be kind' and remember that blogging isn't everything. This is all very easy to say, and read but a bit harder for me to put in to practice.

I think I need to decide what type of blogger I am. I started this blog before little E was even a sparkle in my eye. Does this not make me a mummy blogger. Do I even want to be a mummy blogger? At the end of the day I would like people to read my blog, I would like for it to be enjoyed. I would like to be able to review some lovely products and services that I think others may be interested in. I don't want to review everything and anything, only those things of relevance to my life. I don't want it to be a blog full of reviews or a blog full of memes.  But what do I want?

I do still feel true to my original strapline 'a place for me time, inspiration and aspiration' so I think this is what I need to focus on. Mum or not.

Maybe listening to those at CyberMummy will help me decide who I am in this blogging world.

How did you decide what type of blogger you are? Have you changed over time? Are you happy with your blog? Do you have any tips? I would love to know your blogging journeys x


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I too have been blogging since long before my daughter was born, but ultimately my blog is an extention of me, and now that my life is full of her, so is my blog. I am not about to try and limit that. If people don't like it, they're free to stay away. That's the way I see it anyway! :)

  2. I don't know that you have to decide what kind of blogger you are, or really, even if you do, that it can't change over time.

    I don't consider myself a mummy blogger, but that's probably where I'm lumped. I just try to blog as blindly as possible about things I love or find inspiring. Most of my posts are about my son and our daily life, but I also blog about being an expat, lovely things I find on etsy, travel, books, baking, etc. Why limit yourself? x

  3. I wrote a similar post recently wondering whether I was a 'mummy blogger'. I started my blog after hearing about Cybermummy 2010 on Woman's Hour, basically as I wanted to do some reviews and make ad money! Little did I realise that you need interesting content to get to the point of being offered stuff... But over time my blog has become kind of the antithesis of how I imagined it. I really value the creativity it inspires in me, I value it as a hobby and a 'place' for *myself* and I've loved discovering lots of wonderful and inspiring blogs and bloggers. I've vowed to start blogging just as 'me' - often about my kids, but about other things too, and to stop over-analysing whiter it's the 'perfect' post.

  4. Thank you all, really appreciate your points. I think you are all right. I need to just get on with it, blog blindly and not try to pigeon hole myself. Bizarrely I have always been obsessed with labels and titles and as always I am probably over analysing everything :) Whatever you are all doing is obviously working as you all have great blogs! Lx

  5. Really interesting post. My blog just evolved from an online diary. I didn't expect people to read it but then joined BMB (Brit Mums) and it just took off from there. I am a mummy blogger and would describe myself as one but my blog also has stuff that's just for me on it. I want to be able to look back on it in years to come and for MC to look at it and think "I had a pretty cool life and mummy was quite cool".

    Hope that makes sense!

    p.s. Sorry for all the comments - catching up on everyones blogs since my hols


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