7 Feb 2012

Busy, busy

I thought it was about time to write a blog post that wasn't just photos for my 365 project!

I have spoken briefly about reasons for the radio silence but things keep moving faster than I can keep up with. I know this is a good thing and it should certainly reap rewards this year but blimey it's busy.

One of the reasons for this is that I have set up another blog, which I don't think I have spoken about too much here. It's called Support Independents and I actually set it up last November in a frustration with people's (including mine!) reliance on large organisations and not small independent businesses. I have been most active on Twitter but there is also a Facebook page and last week I did our first gift guide... for Valentine's Day.

I really want to be able to create a feel of community and provide information and tips for small businesses as well as raise the profile of them as a whole.

This morning, whilst little E was asleep I decided to use the time wisely and create a free desktop calendar for people to download. Although we are already seven days into February I thought it might still be useful for some people.

If you want to download it for yourself you can find it here.

I probably won't post on here too often about what is happening over at Support Independents so if it is your kind of thing, or you know someone who might be interested then please head over and follow the blog. I'd love a few more familiar faces :)



  1. So lovely to catch up on your news. I hope you and E are both well hun.

    The new blog looks great and what a super idea!


  2. Thanks Heather! We're really well thank you, only a month until he is 1! It's mad! Also crazy that you are already 32 weeks gone. Where does time go, Lx

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