8 Feb 2012

I'm famous, I'm famous!

Well, sort of :)

I was very pleased to receive an email a couple of weeks ago from Sainsbury's Money blog to say I was featured in a list of top 20 brilliant baby blogs. After first wondering whether it was some sort of scam (yes I am that suspicious) I decided to click the link and there it was, my little old blog listed on the page.

I blushed a little, looked at the excellent company I was in, blushed again, read the description they had written: "Follow our heroine as she scares waiters with her baby bump and nurtures it into a toddler." and blushed a lot!

It made me feel very proud, but also a bit sad that I haven't kept this blog as up to date as I would have liked. But after all this 'heroine' (hehe) has been busy being a Mum so that's what is important.

It has however given me a little kick up the bum, that I needed, to start sharing a little more. In some ways it was easier to share the struggles and the worries but I am happy to say these are few and far between these days. I need to get better at sharing the good times too, the new little things that E does, the cheeky monkey he seems to be turning in to, the way he waves his Daddy off to work. After all, those are all parts of the journey too and let's be honest probably more fun for you guys to read!

So a big thank you to Sainsbury's Money Matters for featuring me and I hope to be back soon with amusing tales of my soon to be toddler!

*Runs off and screams in denial that she has a nearly 1 year old!*


  1. aww well done on being picked into the top baby blogs :) and yes keep blogging all the good times are great to record!

  2. Thanks Sarah. It was a lovely surprise :) I'm definitely going to keep it up I just need to find the time! Lx

  3. *cheers* Thoroughly deserved x


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