24 Feb 2012

The time has come...

So any regular readers out there will know that I was made redundant at about 6 months pregnant and have since done some bits and bobs but nothing long term. Well all that is changing. Today I accepted a full time job!!

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I am very excited, there have been a few mixed emotions in the journey to realisation that I would have to go back to work full time, but now I feel like I can genuinely start to get excited.

Due to the type of part-time jobs available and our finances we soon came to the realisation earlier this year that I would be going back to work full time. My first thought probably should have been to worry about E, but it wasn't. My first thought was oh no I've got to find a job. In the past I have never been too great in job interviews, and that was presuming that I would get past the CV stage so it wasn't something I was particularly relishing. But, I have actually loved the process! I started applying for jobs mid January, after finding a lot out there. This was the first suprise. But, I didn't hear anything, started to lose a little hope but then, all of a sudden things started moving. I was invited to two interviews in a week, with more leads coming in thick and fast. So, today, here I am having accepted a job that I was only interviewed for on Wednesday.

I am very proud of myself, and that isn't an easy thing for me to say. Historically I haven't been a particulary confident person and feel I have often had what confidence I may have had beaten out of me in various past roles. However, this time was completely different. I was like a different person. I had completely underestimated how much I have changed over the last 3 or so years. It has probably been the most 'developmental' time in my life and it seems to have made a difference. I was coming out with solid answers that even surprised myself and most importantly I enjoyed myself. It dawned on me as I was driving home from the last interview that the difference was that I was finally being myself.

And on to E, I have actually no worries about him. He's going to different grandparents two days a week, and have the other three days at nursery. He is going to LOVE it. He is very sociable and is learning so fast. The structure will be great for him (and us!). It means that when I am actually spending time with E I can concentrate on that and not be constantly feeling that I should be doing something else, squeezing in an extra task. He is going to be fine, yes I am going to miss him but I will be fine too.

So, it all sounds great in theory. In reality we will see.

So, have any of you working mums got any tips? How am I going to juggle working with all the house things, and being there for E? What should I try and squeeze in before I start work in 3 weeks? What am I going to miss the most?

Please help because I might still need a little bit of help being me! x


  1. Well done on the job!

    Working full time in my opinion is easier than being a stay at home mum so you'll be fine.

    You get to speak to adults all day and eat lunch. Its amazing.

    My only advice is be organised with food shopping so weekends are freetime and get some hot heels to strut around the office in and everything will be fine. :-)

  2. Brilliant! Thank you :) This made me smile a lot. I think that is my plan to be as organised as possible...we will see how long that lasts! Also, just had a read of your choosing a day nursery post which is very helpful, we are off there on Wednesday so fingers crossed! Lx


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