10 Aug 2013

Having it all

Working full time in quite a demanding job with a two year old is clearly not conducive to keeping up a blog. I remember before I started working full time in March 2012 I asked on Twitter for recommendations of any blogs from mum's who worked full time. I thought a few tips from those who were 'doing it all' would be useful. I had a couple of recommendations but the responses that have stuck in my mind are those that said 'don't be crazy, mums working full time won't have time for blogging'. I scoffed and thought I would be able to.

So, no it is pretty much impossible. Getting through the days and the weeks is enough for me. I get home and once little one is in bed, which unfortunately isn't at normal small people's bedtimes, I crash. Completely.

But, I have missed it, missed writing and having something that is mine.

To be honest I had given up on the blog. Decided it was from a different point in my life but then Blogtacular was announced on Twitter.

I've never been happy with the 'mummy blogger' tag as there is so much more to me than being a mum - boy there was so much more to me BEFORE becoming a mum - and finally there is a blog conference that is about creativity and inspiration rather than being a mum, or being female.

So, here's the thing. I can't really be part of Blogtacular if I am not blogging. Just because once upon a time I 'had' a blog doesn't really cut it.

All I need to do now is work out how to fit blogging back into my world. Advice welcome!

I have 9 months to sort myself out before Blogtacular. Crikey I could have a baby in that time, surely I can type some words and collate some pretty photos?!

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  1. Exciting!!! If anyone can fit it in Luce, you can!! Xxx


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