11 Aug 2013

The best days of the week

Since going back to work full time weekends have become so much more precious.

They've always been the best days of the week but at the minute they feel like the only reason to survive the week. But, with that comes the pressure to make them count. 

This weekend was a mixture of laziness, seeing family and seeing friends. The thing that tends to be missing from most of our weekends is time with just the three of us. Maybe Mr B is working so it's just me and the little one, or there is family to see who have flown in from here or there. Or there are the normal jobs to do. You know, the washing, tidying, gardening, the mundane that you don't notice until they're not done! Time as just the three of us seems to fall off the 'list'.

We are fortunate to live close to immediate family and this weekend alone we've seen both sets of parents, an aunty who lives in Italy and her son who's at uni in the UK, my cousin who lives in Sydney, friends from school, friends from Uni, our 6 week old niece and another aunty who lives in Texas. We've shared meals, eaten out, drank wine, played in the garden and been for a walk at a local country park. The best thing is E just loves being in the company of others. He's very social and is in his element with a hoard of admirers. And I'm not going to lie I do try and make the most of this with doting grandparents and aunties around him I try and get to put my feet up for at least 10 minutes :) 

So it's been a great weekend, jobs haven't got done but fun has been had. Now the dread of the week ahead begins. Happy Sunday evening all!

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  1. Jeepers that was a busy weekend!!! I know what you mean- with Uni and renovating we try to have one day of the weekend as 'fun and enjoying Sydney' before we get lost in our list of errands- always the first thing to fall off the list though..


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