2 Sept 2013

September starts

There are two times during the year that I start to feel twitchy. I start to feel the need for lists, for new beginnings, that it's the time to take action. I get that little buzz from new ideas, new projects.

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One of these times is the period between Christmas and New Year when the urge to start a list is just too strong to ignore. The other is now, the start of September. Now we all know I like a project and a good list but there is something about these times of the year where it is particularly strong. It probably has something to do with the weather changing, the start of the countdown to the end of the year, the fact that my holiday entitlement is fast being used up - but it is most likely to be the many years of returning to school after the school holidays.

In fact, I've just googled it. After not really knowing what search term to use 'back to school syndrome' seemed to do the trick. In an article on cosmopolitan.co.uk there is evidence to suggest that I am not alone. The article talks about exactly what I have been feeling, stating that 'essentially, after 16 years of school and uni, we’re mentally programmed to get ready for new beginnings in autumn' and that following the summer we are 'more focused and therefore more emotionally ready for change'. Apparently, and I could not find a source for this elsewhere but, stats have shown that more than 70% of us are still more likely to make a life-changing decision in the month of September.

Well at least I am not the only one going through this. I had started to put these feelings down to various other things. My 'baby' is growing up fast, I've been in my job for nearly 12 months, we have been getting itchy feet with our house etc, etc but this has probably just made things feel stronger.

All the talk about 'back-to-school' on the tv, radio, and in shops has after (a fair) few years out of the education system started to feel a bit too real. Children's friends are starting school and there are only a couple of years before it will be E's turn. School life will be here all too quickly I am sure.

So, I might have to embrace these feelings. Start a new hobby (urm, I may have tried that before!) or maybe I should just treat myself to some new stationery.

Does anyone else have these feelings? I'd love to hear your experiences and solutions!

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