2 Jan 2014

Rules to live by

I have always been one for new year, new start and the optimism a new year brings. Perfect for those of us that like a 'new' project.

I start getting twitchy by Boxing Day if I haven't at least started to think about the upcoming year and what it may bring.

In past years I have written a set of resolutions, and obviously my 30before30 list (which still isn't finished and needs updating). Even when I go back five years my resolutions haven't varied much.

I have established however that resolutions aren't necessarily the best way to go. I prefer to come up with 'ways of thinking', things to constantly have in the back of my mind, prompts if you will. I have seen many who have a word of the year but I am not very good at focusing all my attention on just one, I need different things for different moods so here it is - what I am aiming for in 2014.

In addition to this I will create a mini-list of tangible things I want to acheive in 2014. These will be similar to those on my 30before30 list - some easy to achieve, some harder - none of which I will beat myself up for not acheiving.
If you haven't got your 'resolutions' down yet or think they may need refining here are some great resources that you might find useful:
- Setting achievable resolutions by Kat (Housewife Confidential) > here
- A selection of free printable 2014 calendars and planners from A Thrifty Mrs > here
- Unravelling the year ahead workbook by Susannah Conway > here
- A selection of printable, downloadable 2014 planners and goal setting templates from Heart Handmade > here
- My plotting pinterst board > here

I also love reading about others' resolutions, goals and words so if you have written a post please share in the comments. Even better, has anyone written an update on how they have achieved their 2013 goals?

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