6 Jan 2014

Fresh air

It has become a little new year tradition that we go for a walk before we go back to work in the new year. To blow away the cobwebs and get some perspective before the daily grind kicks back in. This year though that wasn't quite so easy with the awful weather. 
We spent a lot of time with family over Christmas, we are very close. But this led me to crave time with just the three of us. Maybe it's as I realise there'll soon be four of us! With this in mind we made a little promise to ourselves that the first weekend of the year wouldn't involve wider family and would instead focus on our little unit. By the Thursday of the week this plan had already been scarpered with one, and then two, promises to see both sides of the family. Oh well we thought, maybe next weekend. 

Then when I woke on Sunday morning and there was the first glimmer of bright and rain-free skies I started to get twitchy. This was our one and only chance for some fresh air during the weekend. With only 30 minutes spare before we were meeting family we made a detour to a city park. One we had rarely been to despite driving past nearly every day. We had a very quick wander around. Long enough to breathe the air, long enough for E to see some doggies and long enough to get cold.

Mission accomplised and off we went to meet family. Suddenly everything was better again. 

I took some photos on my phone and the light was far from perfect, and certainly didn't reflect the mood, so I have done some Photoshop tweaking inspired by some online tutorials, mainly this one.

I hope you like! Happy New Year! x

For the first time I am linking up with Country Kids from Coombe Mill.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. I love this, it really doesn't take much time out to give you all that fresh air boost and what a lovely looking city park, if I hadn't read the post I would have no idea you were in the city. I do hope you manage to get back here again. I bet it would be lovely with a football and a picnic in summer too. Thank you for linking up with Country Kids and I hope you will be back again.


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