11 Jan 2014

We've all been to the zoo

It's been a busy week at work, fully back in the routine. Work, nursery, dinner, sleep, repeat.

Even more reason for the weekend to feel special. On Friday morning I suggested we go to the zoo tomorrow (no pun intended), weather forecast was good and we haven't been for nearly 2 years.

We're very lucky to have Twycross Zoo only 30 minutes away and last time we went we were very impressed. We arrived ready for lunch at the very impressive entrance area called Himalaya (which is free to enter) which includes an airy cafe with lots of great (including veggie) food options, feature windows onto the snow leopards enclosure, a shop and newly added soft play area (which looked great but we managed to avoid).

We headed straight to the monkeys (or ah-ahs as E calls them) as that is what Twycross as known for (it's the only British zoo to exhibit all four species of great ape, including the UK's only group of breeding bonobos).

E liked the monkeys but we wanted to see the other animals too, meerkats, owls and many that I have no idea what they were (see below for the 'daddy rabbits' according to E)! The signage had definitely improved since the last time we went telling you all about each animal and their natural habitat. Well, that is if you can persuade your toddler to stick around long enough to read it.

I remember liking the elephants last time (although E was more interested in kicking the gravel) this time however he paid slightly more attention. Although to be fair that might have been due to the singing of 'nellie the elephant...trump, trump trump' on the way to find them. There is a new area called Uda Walawe which overlooks the elephants and is still being developed. It was a more natural area with little nooks and crannies to explore. Possibly our favourite bit.



The penguins were also a hit as E has been learning about them at nursery this week. They swam up to see us against the glass and we even had tears when we tried to tear him away.

By that point the cold was starting to set in, we had already done at least one mad dash to the toilet for E, he had asked to go to soft play/home/sleep numerous times so we decided to head in to the warm for chocolate cake.

The perfect end to the perfect day. Warmth, tea, chocolate cake, a new little penguin toy and a beautiful sunset.

We drove home the 'pretty way' picking out houses that we would love to live in but could probably never afford. A visit via the chip shop on the way home and a snoozing child in the back. And it's still only Saturday (just!)

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  1. Great photos and a fab zoo to visit, I love the glass enclosures that allow you to get so close to the animals and the monkeys are fascinating to watch. It sounds like you had a great family day out, thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  2. The zoo is always a great place to revisit! Looks like you had a great day out. #countrykids

  3. Looks like fun :) I love the zoo :) Hats are fab too!

  4. Thank you for all the comments! x


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