9 Mar 2014

Turning three!

So it is now a week since E turned 3! Our little baby is now a little boy.

I haven't had chance to post any photos on here since as we have been too busy celebrating. A Thomas the Tank Engine themed birthday party last Saturday (blogpost coming), a family meal and then topped off with a week away in Hunstanton (more about that soon!).

But it would be a shame not to mark the turning of 3 properly.

So on turning three, E loves:
  • - trains
  • - dancing (but only to 'Go, go Thomas' and 'Day of the Diesels')
  • - making up songs ('Pizza pizza' and 'By Baby Bye')
  • - making us laugh - he is such a comedian!
  • - chattering away to himself when playing with his trains making up little stories
  • - his best friend Mia from nursery
  • - his Nana & Grandpa and Nannans and Grandad (always asking when we are going to see them)
  • - helping Mummy (he is currently sat next to me on his 'laptop' typing away)
  • - the colours blue and yellow
  • - chocolate and beans on toast

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